how to write abstract of research paper

how to write abstract of research paper

how to write abstract of research paper


How to write abstract is very important that every research should know very well. Abstract is a summary account outlining the major features of a research project. it is a snap shot of the project, stating mainly what was done, how it was done and what was found, including the conclusion reached.


If you need to write an abstract for an academic or scientific paper, don’t panic! Your abstract is just a short, summary of the work or paper that others can use as an overview.

An abstract describes what you do in your research, whether it’s a scientific experiment or a literary analysis paper.

Abstract should help your reader understand the paper or research and help people searching for this paper decide whether it suits their purposes prior to reading or for further research.

To write an abstract, finish your paper first, then type a summary that identifies the purpose, problem, methods, results, and conclusion of your work.

After you get the details down, all that’s left is to format it correctly. Since an abstract is only a summary of the work you’ve already done, it’s easy to accomplish!

Depending on the institution for which the report is being written, the abstract can be very brief, consisting of about one hundred to two hundred words.

The abstract would include the brief description of each of the following:

  1. Main objective or purpose of the study.
  2. Need for the study.
  3. Hypotheses investigated.
  4. Sample or population studied.
  5. Data collection techniques.
  6. The major findings, recommendations and conclusions.


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Hypothesis Testing Steps, Examples And Formula


A hypothesis is an intelligent guess of the solution to the research problem. A hypothesis is a statement which guides a researcher by providing a tentative solution to the research problem.

A hypothesis must be the problem under investigation. It must be testable, clearly stated and unambiguously.

A hypothesis provides direction to a research project, and also enables the researcher to assess information collected.


Examples of hypothesis


Research Topic: Influence of computerization in operational efficiency in commercial banks: a study of UBA Plc Station road branch Abuja.

Statement of Hypothesis:

  1. Computerization has enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness in UBA Plc.
  2.  The use of computers has increased customer satisfaction in the Bank.


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