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Before you start work on your research project, your supervisor may ask you to  produce research proposal on your topics. One of the worst problems faced by a undergraduate students  is being ask for a research proposal. Many of them do not know what is means.  We are showing here on how to write research  proposal for undergraduate students.  research proposal  should contain the following:




  1. Key important issue in your introduction.
  2. Statement of problem
  3. Objective of the study

Methodology or Design of the study

  1. Population for the study
  2. Sample ( if any) for the study
  3. Research instrument  example questionnaire
  4. Method of data analysis



Your supervisor is asking you to show him your proposal to enable him see the way you are thinking with regards to your chosen topic. He want you to know whether the way you are thinking agrees with your topic. Once you develop the heading listed above and present to him, it will be clear to him if the way you are thinking is in line with your topic.




AS an advanced research student, if your supervisor  asks you for a research proposal, what he or she wants are:





Background to the study

Statement of problem

Significance of the study

Scope and limitation of the study

Definitions of terms

Hypothesis for the study


research methodology or design of the study

population for the study

sample( if any) for the study

research instrument example questionnaire

research procedure

method of data analysis




in effect what he has asked of you are the first three chapters of the five chapters of the research report. This means chapter one, two and three. He may insist that you come up with the whole three chapters or he may remove any parts of  for you. Literature review is the part that is normally removed for students.



                                               PROPOSAL SAMPLE

                                                                     RESEARCH PROPOSAL


My project research work is on  the role of public relation in gender conflict resolution with particular reference in  First Bank nig Plc Emene branch.  Gender and conflict then, refers to the ways women and men are affected in times of conflict.  A conflict is more than just a disagreement. It is a situation in which people perceive a threat (physical, emotional, power, status, etc.) to their well-being and is caused by the differences and clash of personalities – attitudes, beliefs, values and needs.



It Is an essential skill of Public relations manager to prevent gender conflict resolution  rather than finding solutions when crisis erupts. Conflict  decreases growth and brings about instability in the banking industries. it brings about unhealthy competition among other mega banking sectors.  This development is critical as foreign and domestic investors will be skeptical that their huge investment would be safe, fear and insecure as well as lack of trust and confidence will prevail.  



                    The main objective of this research is to investigate how to use public relation to manage conflict resolution in First Bank and  promote development in the society.

  1. To find out whether public relation play a vital role in conflict resolution between First Bank and other mega banks.
  2. To find out whether racism of gender inequality of income or sex and lack of labour affect the working force of First Bank Plc.
  3. To find out whether unhealthy competition affect the global market of banking industries in First Banks Plc Emene branch.
  4. To find out whether gender Conflict  decrease the growth and brings about instability in the banking industries. The Population of the study is the total number of people used in the research. This population of the study was 9,010 people.  The researcher will use Yaro  Yamane’s formula to determine the sample size from the population. The instrument used for data collection was the questionnaires which included open ended and multiple choice question of Yes and No as well as True, Not True and undecided. The researcher collected the data from the respondents one on one.  This research will cover five chapters.





My project research work is on design   and    simulation of an electronic fund transfer system  with particular reference to  keystone bank plc. Information and Communication Technology in banking sector is generally referred to as electronic banking (E-banking) and application of its concepts, techniques, policies, and implementation strategies to banking services has become a subject of fundamental importance and concerns to all banks and indeed a pre-requisite for local and global competitiveness because, it directly affects the management decisions, plan and products and services to be offered by banks. It has continued to change the way banks and the corporate relationships are organized worldwide and the variety of innovation of service delivery.



In banking industries today, queuing has become the order of the day, customer’s line up for hours waiting to withdraw or deposit money.  This creates a lot of problem to both customers as they waste their useful time in the banking hall, and also management of the bank as the run around to find solution to their problems. customers cannot withdraw money any time they want as banks has their working hours. This is a big problem as needs can arise at any time and human beings will always like to have those needs solved.

The objectives of this project are as follows:

1:  This project will reveal the advantages of the Internet to the user.

2.  It will also reveal to the user the applications of the Internet.

3.  The project will educate the user on banking system, their operations and services.

4.  The user will understand some security threats and their controls on the Internet.



The new system  will be develop into program modules. Each module handles a specific operation in the internet banking system. We have module for creating new account, deposit, withdrawal, money transfer, create pin, change pin, login and statement of account reports. It enable users have access to different modules from the main menu. The menu houses the entire operations and enables mouse clicking on the commands to activate them.




The new system will among other things perform the following functions.

  • Maintain a Database for bank customers
  • Keep record of daily transactions
  • Enable customers to transfer money online
  • Checking of account statement and balance online
  • Accuracy in the handling of data.
  • Fast rate of operation as in making the database search very timely.
  • Better storage and faster retrieval system.
  • Enables online transactions
  • Provides online access security. This research will cover five chapters.
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