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Importance Of Research Writing To The Students

Importance Of Research Writing To The Students


The importance of research works for students cannot be over-stressed. A student ought to take research writing seriously for the following reasons:

  1. Research work enables the students to develop an inquisitive mind, always wanting to find out why things happens the way they happen.
  2. The usefulness of research work is that it enables the student to be methodical in his approach to solving the research problem.
  3. Research work makes student to cease to depend on the rule-of-the-thumb but to be scientifically minded.
  4. Research work enables the student to be more organized with his work and do things in an orderly manner.
  5. Acquiring appropriate research writing skill gives the student a sense of independence and self-confidence which propel him to always insist on producing original research report.
  6. Mastery of the techniques of research writing enables the student to develop a sense of proportionality.
  7. Research writing develops the student the habit of tenaciously pursuing his goals to a conclusive end, which is the achievement of result.


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Causes Of Students Poor Performance In Research Work


There are many reasons why students perform poorly in research work. Some of the causes for poor performance are as follows:

Wrong choice of research topic is the greatest factor responsible for students’ poor performance in research work.

  1. Lack of basic research writing skill.
  2. Students lack of interest in research work.
  3. Students prefer to copy other research reports. Students these days engage in plagiarism which is the criminal act of copying other people’s work.
  4. Encouraging students to switch supervisors. Students do bribe supervisors to fall out of favour with them. They also tip the staff of their academic department to affect changes of supervisors.




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