Hypothesis Testing Steps, Examples And Formula

Hypothesis Testing Steps, Examples And Formula

Hypothesis Testing Steps, Examples And Formula


A hypothesis is an intelligent guess of the solution to the research problem. A hypothesis is a statement which guides a researcher by providing a tentative solution to the research problem.

A hypothesis must be the problem under investigation. It must be testable, clesrly stated and unambiguously.

A hypothesis provides direction to a research project, and also enables the researcher to assess information collected.

Examples of hypothesis:

Research Topic: Influence of computerization in operational efficiency in commercial banks: a study of UBA Plc Station road branch Abuja.

Statement of Hypothesis:

  1. Computerization has enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness in UBA Plc.
  2. The use of computers has increased customer satisfaction in the Bank.


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Role Of Research Supervisor


The relationship existing between a supervisor and students ought to be like that of a leader and his subordinate.

By virtue of his training and exposure, the supervisor is expected to influence and motivate his students to carry out their research projects successfully.

Student supervisors’ responsibility and his role towards students’ research for effective project works are as follows:


  1. Guiding students to select and present appropriate project topics for his/her project.
  2. He ensures that students comply strictly with the research procedure or research methodology.
  3. He ensures that students do not deviate from the approved project topics and research objectives in their collection and analysis of data for the research work.
  4. He exhibits a high sense of maturity, patience and understanding in handling students’ problems.
  5. He takes time to thoroughly and systematically scrutinize the students work at every stage of the research project.
  6. He sometimes acts as a liaison between the student and the organizations the students are using or intends to use for their case study.


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